The privacy of this island home...

The owners go to great lengths to make the garden and its environs a welcoming enclave which wraps around the pool deck and provides the privacy enjoyed by so many visitors to Pineapple Lodge.
The entrance driveway in Jamestown Park with the villa front door just past the blue car on the right.
The front door...gated entrance to the gardens. 
Paving stone garden walkway from the entrance to the villa.
Flowering gardens, the terrace and the pool deck.
A spacious swimming pool surrounded by a garden enclosure.
The villa looks west toward the evening sunset.
The 'bathtub' fishpond enjoyed an earlier life in a suite at the Sandy Lane Hotel! It is now home to goldfish and other species including a beautiful daytime lilly.
Barbados is famous for its orange skies in the early evening.
Comfortable pool lounges